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TEAM & Brand ambassadors

Oonite brand ambassadors are an essential part of our wellness model. Wellness trends are constantly changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest market trends. Oonite brand ambassadors help bridge the gap between oonite and consumers. They act as a source of information and guidance, helping to educate consumers about the products or services offered by our company. In addition, our brand ambassadors have years of experience assisting people to live healthier lives. As a result, they play a pivotal role in providing valuable insights into the health and wellness industry. As a result, they play an essential role in helping oonite to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the ever-changing wellness market.

Anna Psatha

Anna began searching for how the body is connected and communicates with its core (translation from greek) at a very young age; she decided to learn about therapies to improve movement and relieve pain. Of course, her years playing handball left a strong imprint on her approach to body therapies. Her passion for research and knowledge led her to a decade of self-development in the philosophy of a holistic approach to human well-being.


Gligoris Voltis

Gligoris’s passion for massage stems from his first travel to Thailand. After finishing school, he went to Thailand with friends for a holiday. On the streets in Chiang Mai, some Buddhistic monks were giving massages. One of these monks looked at him, talked, and told him that he saw extraordinary strength and potential in him and could imagine that I could become a good massage therapist. This encounter led him to spend two years in the Buddhistic temple of Chiang Mai, where the monks taught him how to give therapeutic massages, which was the beginning of his journey.



‘WORLD CHAMPION OF INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE ASSOCIATION’ 2 GOLD MEDAL WINNER! International Approved Teacher. Having worked as a Classical Ballet Teacher for several years. At the same time, as an accountant in the family business in Mykonos for fifteen years, she always had a passionate interest in people, which led her to become a Professional therapist for ten years now. Trained primarily by an Outstanding Australian Shiatsu Practitioner of the European Institute ‘’Oriental Medicine & ShiatsuTraining Centre ”Athens, in Deep Tissue Massage -Acupressure – Shiatsu Techniques and Stretching Bodywork, followed by two years of Physiotherapy studies at ‘’Omiros College’’ Athens, several certifications for Sports Massage “Natural Health Science Athens,” Recovery after accidents, On-Site massage-Seated Body Work, Traditional Fire Cupping Therapy, Facial and Body Gua-Sha Natural Facelift, Body Gua-Sha, Reflexology, Facial Shiatsu, Fat Busting Cellulite, Decontracting Massage course “Massage School Gaetano De Simone” in Rome Italy, First Aid certification ‘’Rescue Training International’.’Over the years, I became a well-known experienced healer in Mykonos, Athens- London -Rome, and Beirut.



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With other thirty years of experience in the health and wellness sphere, Gligoris has attained deep knowledge of ancient traditions and expertise in muscle relaxation and healing massages. He has developed and refined his expertise in  Hotstone Massage, Kinesio-Taping, and as a Chiropractor at the “Ackermann”/Sweden. He is a very well-known professional in osteopathic and chiropractic treatments and has been a medalist in the world and European massage championships in the last few years.

Glories bring a lot of knowledge in training, massage therapy, and as a certified trainer to Oonity. He is a brand ambassador and speaker for Oonity. He cooperates with Oonity in its mission of delivering knowledge and helping each find their path to wellness.